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Z-drives update!!

We are now working on some modification of our z-drives and will put it on our online stores again once they are ready.

Don't worry, it won't take long.....just a couple of weeks, cheers!

6 thoughts on “Z-drives update!!

  1. good day to you.
    Building the Fairmouth Alpine presently and want to change the normal propulsion with 2 x L&R Azimuth / Z-drive 70 mm.
    Is it possible to have those 360 degrees trust or only 90 degrees?
    If only 90 degrees could you recommend me any other product in your stock?
    Pls complete with all electrics incl servo’s.
    The boat /tug itself is ca 100 mm long LOA.
    waiting yours,

  2. Still want to know if the Schottel propulsion Z-drive or Azimuth can turn 360 degrees and what is the length / height inside above the penetration of the hull?
    I don’t have that much space so could you send me some drawings with those measurements please?
    Waiting yours
    Peter den Breejen.

  3. Buen día!
    Cómo hago para comprar?
    Soy de la Ciudad de México
    Espero comprar con ustedes!

    1. Please visit our online store to buy:

  4. Just got my two Z-Drives, can you assist me? There was no installation instructions, are the drives marked for left or right rotation?

    1. Manual is sent to you by email. Thanks

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